New Delhi being the political capital of India is also a center of attraction for various MNC’s, corporate head offices, and Startup companies. Various grievance redressal forums such as NCLT, NCLAT, Debt recovery tribunals are located in Delhi. Even the headquarters of CBIC, CBDT & GST Council secretariat is located in Delhi. So it becomes a bit easy for new entrants to get all their issues resolved regarding tax & compliance.

Recently on 01st July 2020, we have completed 3 years of this new indirect tax regime in the Indian business system where all the products are being bought under a single tax bracket. GST has proved to be one of the most successful indirect tax reforms since the independence of India. But most of the businesses & new Startups still fear to sail through this process.

What is the process to get consulting service for GST registration in Delhi?

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The process of GST registration in Delhi is much easy as compared to other states because of two reasons viz. (1) Head-Office of GST, CBIC & various other departments are located which makes it convenient for the companies to communicate. (2) Expert GST consultancy.

The process of GST registration in Delhi is the same as in the rest of the country which is a completely electronic process. But sometimes you might have to send the documents for verification & authorization so being your GST registration in Delhi; one might get an early response.

What are the required documents for GST registration in Delhi?

  • PAN Card
  • Aadhar Card
  • Photograph
  • Electricity bill of the premises
  • Letter of Authorisation for signatory
  • Bank statement/ Cancelled Cheque
GST Registration


Q      How to apply for GST registration in Delhi?

Application for online GST registration in Delhi is very convenient. Follow the step by step guide for online GST registration in Delhi.

  •  Verify your Mobile no. & email ID with an OTP.
  •  Application Reference No. (ARN): Store your ARN for the future reference.
  • Form GST REG-03 is an automatically generated form (If any additional information is required to be filed in).
  • Verified Registration the certificate will be issued within 3 working days after a due background check and document verification.

Q      How do I calculate GST?

By including GST indirect taxation system, it becomes easy for the businesses, customers, and government to easily calculate the final tax liability. There are certain set guidelines that are followed to calculate the final tax liability.

  1. Three different types of Goods & Services Tax viz. CGST, SGST & IGST are being levied according to the nature of the transaction.
  2. 5 different tax slab viz. 0%, 5%, 12%, 18% and 28%.
  3. GST amount = the actual cost of an item and the percentage of GST imposed is divided by 100. Net price = Actual cost + Amount of GST

Q      How do I apply for GSTIN in Delhi?

GSTIN is the GST identification number which is a 15 digit unique code containing your PAN Card details. GSTIN is important because it is mandatory for every registered GST person to get the unique identification number imprinted on the final bill summary.

Q      Can I get a GST number without business?

No, one cannot avail GST number without business because GST registration requires you to provide the details of your business while filing the GST registration application form.

Q      How can I get my GST number online for free?

It is a bit difficult to get your GST Registration number for free since it requires a lot of efforts and expertise to get the GST registration in a single go. However, there are some professionals who charge a minimum fee for GST registration in Delhi and them also offer certain other services such as company registration, Income tax consultancy, online accounting & bookkeeping services.

So you cannot get GST Registration for free but one can minimize their actual GST registration fee by bundling various other online CA Services.


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